The W Sauce

Truly America's Worcestershire

The W Sauce is bigger, better and bolder than any sauce to carry the "Worcestershire" name. It is American at it's core so we call it "W", not that name from Europe somewhere.

Make all the Food and Drink... Better


Take meat to an entirely new level. Steaks, burgers, pork, chicken or fish are all richer and more flavorful when you add a little "W" Sauce!


You thought you have had a good Bloody Mary? Replace the dull brown liquid with a dash of "W" and level up to a new space in flavortown!


From Asparagus to Zucchini all veggies are no longer a side when you dribble a little "W" on them. Add 27 balanced ingredients to make boring, amazing!

What do people think about "W"

“My restaurant’s nightly specials are known to include the W Sauce, adding a savory kick to any recipe. When in doubt, throw some W in it.”

– Chef Ryan Shapiro-Key West, Fl

W Sauce, The everything sauce. My customers and family can't get enough!

– Terry Thomas-Owner, MudBugs Restaurant, Crosby, Tx

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